We forge the chains we wear in life #iphoneography #photography #CharlesDickens #quotes

Shot using my iPhone 4s while on the ferry to Martha’s vineyard. The chains reminded me of my fav quote

We forge the chains we wear in life

by Charles Dickens



Dream big, start small and SMART #iphoneography #photography #sandcastle

Dream BIG
Start small and SMART.

If you don’t already know what SMART stands for
S small
M measurable
A achievable
R rational / realistic
T time bound

Shot this using my iPhone on one of my walks.


Wake up to a new day with a kiss from the Sun #iphoneography #photography

Shot this on my visit to Plimoth plantations.


When carousal horses race It’s a photo finish #iphoneography #photography

Shot with my iPhone 4s.


Walking by Toby’s public house in the streets of Manhattan #NYC #iphoneography #photography #streetphotography

Shot using my iPhone 4s.


Rustic adobes of 17th century English settlement, plimoth plantation #iphoneography #photography

Shot with my iPhone 4s at plimoth plantation. A lovely recreation of old English settlement.


Time heals, twin towers of light fading away as the sun rises #iphoneography #photography #9/11 #NYC

Shot this one in the early hours of September 12, the twin towers of light disappearing against the light from the raising sun.


Long winding stairs of the pilgrim tower, Provincetown #iphoneograpjy #photography

Shot this while climbing up the long winding stairs of the pilgrim tower, Provincetown.

Shot with my iPhone 4s.


Hope for the future & ghosts from the past, Freedom tower & the twin towers recreated with light #iphoneography #9/11

The new freedom tower which is being constructed in place of the old twin towers and the lights which commemorate the twin towers.

Shot this using my iPhone 4s.


The Gingerbread doll houses of Martha’s Vineyard #iphoneography #photography





A fairy tale-like land awaits in Oak Bluffs. More than 300 easter egg-colored houses complete with dainty trimmings and names such as “Angel Cottage,” “Wooden Valentine,” and “The Pink House,” make up the cottage colony. The colony – a major tourist draw – is a sweet treat for the eyes.

Shot with my iPhone 4s

The Manhattan municipal building basking in light from the setting sun #iphoneography #photography #NYC

Shot this while walking in the lovely NYC using my iPhone 4s.


An unexpected date with Lady liberty #iphoneography #photography #NYC

Myself and my wife were in liberty state park wanting to rent a bike, but we couldn’t get one we liked so
We decided to hop on the ferry and visit lady Liberty.



I love #Hoboken #iphoneography #photography #sunset


Shot with my iPhone on a walk in the lovely city of Hoboken. although we live in jersey city, a day doesn’t pass without my wife and myself taking a stroll in to this beautiful cosy city.

Temples from A car window #india #iphoneography #photography #Hyderabad

Shot these from a car window while driving through Hyderabad, India.







The good old always reliable stairs #iphoneography #photography #india

Shot using my iPhone 4s.