Introducing the brand new mini “Meera”

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Introducing “Meera” our best baby girl ever. A 20.5 inch seamless unibody enclosure made from a single, solid block of beauty.

Ten meticulously aligned fingers” and “not just one but two iSight cameras, each delivering images in stunning Retina resolution.

Dual microphones on both sides catch every sound. And the centrally placed loudspeaker will simply blow you away.

She is easy to carry around all day. Of course there’s lots of room to grow, For the moment though, we’ll just enjoy his super-portable, hold-in-one-hand, just-right mini size.

Supports ieat, ipoop, isleep with ability to OTA update withe a billion new features as the intelligent OS learns and adapts. Comes with simple and elegant iCry notification system, one notification for change and charge.

In case you’re wondering, this model is available on two carriers (Mom and Dad, with parental sleep mode disabled by default). Available in only adorable baby pink.


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