Thx Thx Thx Thx a Thousand Times

 Today my Blog has hit the Thousand Follower milestone.followed-blog-1000-1x

A {BIG} THANK YOU to every one who has followed my blog over the years . I hope I have lived up to your expectations and made your time well worth the follow.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Allison says:

    Congratulations!! You inspired me to get out there and take photos for my blog using . . my iPhone!! I am so pleased, and until your blog I thought i needed fancy equipment. SO thank you, my friend.

    And I love your photos and vision!

    Peace, always,


  2. Thanks Allison, I was just reading your blog while you were writing this comment. I try and meditate daily, will try your guided meditation this weekend. Thanks and keep up the great work. Peace, Om Shanthi…

  3. safi4775 says:

    Yey!!!! Well done! Now there’s a good Christmas present :)

  4. marthalisek says:

    wow congratulations!

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