All images shot and processed using my iPhone.

Gallery created for Weekly photo challenge : Cover ART

12 Replies to “Weekly photo challenge : Cover ART”

  1. Love the selection of images. Each image could be their own cover. There are a couple that would fit well together too. Well done.

  2. You have simply loads of amazing images there, i love all but i think the one that catches my eye the most though i have no idea what it is, is the two metal long things which look like they have flames at the end but they are not, which brings me to the question what are they? lol xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by. well the long wooden (not metal) things are art from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC. The flame is hearts I superimposed on the images. This was an abstract art card I made for my wife on our 7th anniversary :)

      1. oh wow that is so clever. There are so many skills to photography one being the amazing editing and superimposing like you have done here, she must have been really chuffed! x

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