Weekly photo challenge : Refraction

All images shot and processed with my iPhone.

Gallery Created for Weekly photo challenge : Refraction


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  1. Angela Dowin says:

    These photos are beautiful!

  2. All pics are great, but I really like the bubble man. Nice capture!

    1. Thank you, shot that one in Central Park NYC, this guy was just amazing

  3. Great shots – the dog my favorite!

  4. All quite gorgeous! I love the gigantic bubble :)

    1. Thank you, I shot that one in Central park, this guy was just great

  5. Lola Jane says:

    It is amazing the photos you capture on your phone…beautiful scenery and building shots, and the dog puts a smile on my face :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words

  6. Just Be V says:

    Love these, especially the pictures of snow. I love how everyone is getting creative with winter shots!

  7. As always Naveen, your shots are fantastic and very impactful. They have so vivid colors and imagery. I wonder which tool do you use to edit these photos :)

    1. Thanks a lot Suyash, really appriciate your kind words. Love your work too

  8. tchistorygal says:

    Love the green sky the best. It’s so unusual. Your pictures are alll lovely, though! :)

    1. Thanks a lot, shot the one with the green sky on earth day. The NYC sky was coverd with clouds and the green light was reflecting in em.

  9. Really nice set of images… I love the selection and diversity.

  10. The bubble is my personal favorite.

  11. Indira says:

    All are very beautiful. Nice capture.

  12. Great light play. I especially love the oil spill…

  13. missfinnie says:

    Every pic is special in their own way..Perfect shots!

  14. Robert says:

    Great mix of photos.

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