Weekly photo challenge : Dreamy

All images shot and processed using my iPhone.

Gallery created for : Weekly challenge : Dreamy


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  1. Andrew Seal says:

    A superb gallery of “dreamy” pictures. Bravo

  2. mithriluna says:

    Wow. Stunning. I love the images taken from Hoboken/Jersey City. I recognize the area. The images are amazing especially since you have taken them with your iphone.

  3. Lola Jane says:

    Great images…my photo submission was with my my phone, too (an HTC One) :) How did you get the last creative image?

    1. Thank you will check your post. I am sorry the images are set to be displayed in random order si can’t answer your question.

      1. Lola Jane says:

        — with the rail tracks 20140804-095954-35994052.jpg (however, they are all gorgeous)

      2. Ah that one its using an app called brushstroke for ios

  4. I enjoyed your gallery. I tried to comment on individual photos 3 times earlier today, but got an error message each time. Anyway, nice gallery and have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, sorry that you got an error.. looks like WP is acting up. Have an awesome weekend

  5. These are stunning! I love them, especially those cobalt skies.

  6. Anna says:

    lovely collection!! dreamy indeed!

  7. M.Winter says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  8. Leya says:

    Fabulous shots – all of them!

  9. Rishal says:

    Dreamy indeed – especially the one with lamp posts. Nice collection :)

    – Rishal

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