Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Lovin

All images shot and processed using my iPhone.

Gallery created for : Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer Lovin



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  1. You have captured the images of summer perfectly. Great photos.

  2. Great summer photos. If you’re interested, every Monday there’s a Phoneography Challenge for anyone taking photos with non-traditional cameras. Information and weekly themes are here: https://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/phoneography-and-non-slr-digital-devices-photo-challenge-black-and-white-destination-brooklyn-bridge/#comment-12704. Join us if you like.


  3. Shelly Tennyson Taylor says:

    Great shots!

  4. All these stunning shots from an iPhone? Boy do I need some lessons!

    1. Thanks for stopping by…

  5. galeweithers says:

    Great photos and loved the collage concept (one day I hope to be able to do this!). Can relate to the fishing and eating watermelon as my personal idea of Summer even though I live on a tropical island – here’s my take: http://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/time-for-summer-lovin/ – but admit to wondering about Batman and his bicycle i.e. is that his new preferred mode of transportation today? Just wondering :-)

    1. THank you, your place looks gorgeous… Every summer a man dresses as superman and rides through the streets of the city we live by… That’s that photo…

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