For a few sips,squirrel drinking water from a drinking water fountain #NYC #unionsquare #animal

Shot and processed using my iPhone 4S.



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  1. martagajo says:

    What is that in the background, looks like lots of rusty chaines?? a sculpture??

    1. Hi Marta thanks for dropping buy, the red chains in the back ground are part of the art at Mad Sqr project called Red, Yellow and Blue, more on that here

      1. martagajo says:

        Thanks for the link, Naveen.. that looks like a quite cool art-project.. Pity I can’t see it in person..
        Have a nice + sunny day!
        All the best from Berlin, Marta

      2. Well I will be around that place in a week or so and will post more pictures of the project so that you can enjoy the art.. Have a wonderful day

      3. martagajo says:

        Splendid!!! I’m looking forward :))

  2. Hi Marta as promised I created a blog post with more images from the Red, Yellow and blue art project. Here is the link

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