Small lens walks up to a big lens #iphoneography #photography #NYC #creative

Shot and processed using my iPhone 4S.





11 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome. The pylons make for some funny teeth.

    1. I agree David, thanks for the comment

  2. Hilarious teeth! Great work

    1. Thanks Andrew, I noticed the teeth while I was posting the pictures…

  3. safi4775 says:

    Number 5 alive!!! (I really hope you’ve seen ‘Short Circuit’ or I’ll sound like an idiot!!!)

    1. It was my fav as a kid and oh it still is I totally get t comment, thanks.. It brought back some fond memories….

      1. safi4775 says:

        phew! and glad it was a favourite as it was mine. Totally loved your shots for what it reminded me of.

  4. iceman75 says:

    well done! You make me remember some of my pictures of Hoboken… maybe in a future challenge or something else

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I love Hoboken, myself and my wife often spend time walking and exploring the city…

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