Spring, did you miss Hoboken? #iphoneography #photography #hoboken

It’s spring but he trees along the Hoboken Hudson waterfront haven’t yet started turning green.

Shot and processed using my iPhone 4S.

Apps : Camera+

Location : Hoboken, Hudson waterfront, NJ



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  1. Tacey says:

    Love your blog… (I love taking pics with my iPhone!) Very inspiring! I nominated you for an award, so check out the details that I just posted: http://tabscorner.wordpress.com… Cheers!

    1. Thanks Tacey, you made my day… I am glad my photos inspire you, your comments, likes and awards inspire me… Wishing you a wonderful day

      1. Tacey says:

        Oh thank you, same to you! I always feel like my camera photos aren’t interesting enough, and then I found you and you proved me wrong!

      2. Like I say the best camera you have is the one you have on you when you need it and it most of the times is your camera phone. Well the quality might not be as good as from a DSLR but the creative angles and the ability to capture the wonderful simple things all around you is just amazing. All the best…

  2. I really like the composition here-the tree canopy really draws the eye in-and the color is terrific! Nice Naveen-I really enjoy looking at your work-

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