A seagulls flight plan #iphoneogrphy #photography #birds #hudson #seagull


Shot this one on the Hudson waterfront between Hoboken and jersey city using my iPhone 4s.


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  1. Handry Carlos says:
  2. Popular Posterous Spaces says:
  3. Leih Ann Arcales says:
  4. Erik Retallick says:

    This is an amazing picture!

  5. Colleen Ludgate says:
  6. Abraham Sampedro says:
  7. Tricia Murajdov√° says:

    You have a tremendous eye

  8. Just FairyTales says:
  9. Just FairyTales says:


  10. tzai says:

    beutiful picture, I think it would be great in b&w too.

  11. Tim Piotrowski says:
  12. Anne Santiago says:
  13. Mukesh Dhiman says:
  14. tjasa tee. says:

    is it photoshopped? even if so i’s a gorgeous photo!

  15. Naveen Konduri says:

    Thanks for all the likes and comments @Tjasa the photo is not photo shopped but I used a red filter using camera + app.

  16. tjasa tee. says:

    if it isn’t photoshopped..then. WOW. We should all have an iPhone instead of a Canon (;

  17. tjasa tee. says:

    damn.. I’m just wondering.. how did you manage to capture a moment like that? the seagulls must be models or something. It’s like they knew :D awesome photograph, seriously.

  18. Christine Mack says:
  19. Anthony Pucci says:
  20. alison weiler-hill says:
  21. Faisal Muhsen says:
  22. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Excellent job.

  23. Pankaj Sharma says:
  24. flowerchildsammi says:
  25. safi4775 says:

    amazing shot :) Kudos

  26. Nice photo, very impressive.

  27. KVH1 says:

    Yes. Very good pic for a iphone.

    1. Thanks a ton KVH1 :).. I love your blog too

  28. M. Friday says:

    I’m very impressed with the action, color, composition, and clarity of this shot. Mind blowing. Did you use any particulkar apps for post-processing?

    1. Thank you… I shot this one using Camera+ and used the same App to do some post processing….

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