The portrait of an Indian shop keeper #iphoneography #photography #india #Mumbai

While I was in the store taking pictures of this and that, the owner of the shore walked up to me with a big smile and asked me to take his picture while I posed at the counter, well I don’t know what happened to his lovely beatific smile the moment he stood in front of my iPhone cam.

Shot with my iPhone 4s.



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  1. pixiebubbles says:

    Maybe he thought you had already taken it. Looking at all of your pictures, I get inspired that you have found beauty in some of the simplest things. I want to nominate you for an Inspiring Blogger’s Award. If you are interested, the rules can be found at this post –

    1. Thanks a ton for nominating my blog…

  2. haha He is actually posing :-) so sweet of that shop keeper who was so eager to be in your cam

    1. Yes he was, an amazing cimple moment :)

      1. Ya i can actually imagine how you would have felt :-)

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