Blue whale on the wall, graphite in historic downtown #iphoneography #photography

This amazing graphite art caught my eye while wandering the streets of the historic down town, jersey city.

The artist did a fabulous job of spray painting a long blue whale and gave the fins an almost 3D rendering.

Shot with my iPhone.

Lovely big bright moon over NYC , water in Hudson turns silver #iphoneography #photography


I looked out of my window to see the mesmerizing site of a big moon hanging low over NYC and the water in Hudson reflecting the light as though silver was flowing through it.

An aw inspiring site, I so wish I had my canon big gun, but again gotta make the most of what you have :).

Shot with my iPhone.

Standing for a, cause I don’t know what #iphoneography #photography


Sitting in the PATH train saw this man sitting in front of me with a placard with a drawing and something in Chinese or japanese. Was in two minds to ask what it was but my stop came and had to get off.

I hope the cause he stands for is something which would help the human race and in a positive way.

Shot with my iPhone.

The arc of Pavonia at Newport #iphoneography #photography


I have walked past this almost every day, not knowing what it stands for, what the artist had in mind while he designed it, what did the people who made it and erected it thought.

Every thing we notice must mean something to some one, everything we see was once new and would have created a host if feelings, excitement, regret, sorrow, happiness…., just that washed with time we loose what they stand for anymore…. Values, traditions, customs, love…..

Shot with my iPhone.